Ben Tate is in Berea now meeting with the Cleveland Browns about joining the squad. This will be another splash in free agency if a deal gets done. The Browns have moved fast and signed linebacker Karlos Dansby, safety Donte Whitner, cornerback Isaiah Trufant, and wide receiver Andrew Hawkins (Bengals have five days to match). The running back would be a nice addition to the Browns.

The 25 year old would immediately come in and be the starter. He will have the chance to prove he is elite. Tate’s 771 yards and four touchdowns would be an immediate upgrade compared to our team leader. That was Willis McGahee with two scores and 377 yards.

Yes, Ben Tate played with four broken ribs last year but I wouldn’t worry about that too much. I think he can be durable and he is clearly tough enough. He would be an excellent fit in our new offense. He wants to be the starter and he would be in Cleveland. Ben Tate should sign on the dotted line.

Cleveland needs to get this deal done and fill another void in the roster. I am all for this deal to get done today. Things are looking good and more details will come out later.

-Max Gold

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