Rod’s Week and Sports – Talking Nick Chubb

It’s Sunday night and Browns fans are in a frenzy. We just watched the Browns play their most complete game in years and we are once again energized about the future of this franchise. It was fun to see our team win in convincing fashion. As sports are apt to do, this game takes our mind off some of the unpleasantries of everyday life.

I spent a good part of the day Saturday using a new leaf blower to begin the process of clearing the first batch of leaves from our yard. It’s a game that I have a history of losing on an annual basis. For some reason, I tend to have trees in my yard that prefer to retain their leaves beyond the first snowfall. We aren’t there yet, but working in the yard when it’s 30 degrees out isn’t very enjoyable. I hope you have better luck and maybe enough breeze to drag some leaves into your neighbor’s yard.

I had a good day on Twitter yesterday as I said that I thought Nick Chubb would have a big day today. Sure, it’s fun to look like a savant and I appreciate everyone who acknowledged the accuracy of my prediction. The thing is, I don’t even have a fantasy football team this season. I just get a feeling about this Browns team sometimes and sometimes I’m right. The most important thing to me is seeing this team play well and reward the loyal fans with wins like they did today.

I don’t know about anyone else, but my wife and I talk about the dreams we had the previous night when we get up in the morning. There are mornings when we don’t remember or don’t discuss it. What we’ve noticed is that we both still have these dreams about school. It’s strange that they occur when you consider that our kids have almost all graduated already. The dreams are all similar. We’re at school in a strange building with no schedule, no books and no idea where we’re supposed to be. I’m not a dream analyst, but I guess I feel lost when I turn in for the night.

One man who isn’t lost right now is Baker Mayfield. I hope everyone appreciates what they’re currently watching. Baker is the present and the future of this franchise. His performance has been excellent and he will only get better. If you still aren’t convinced that Baker is the right guy, take a look at the first season that some great quarterbacks like Peyton Manning, Brett Favre, Tom Brady and Drew Brees put together.

I’m not anointing him.

I’m just pointing out that even the best quarterbacks don’t have unbelievable numbers as a rookie. Baker’s numbers stand up to the rookie season numbers of all four guys.

Have a great week, everyone. Enjoy the free Sunday due to the bye next week. Keep checking things off those to-do lists and enjoy your downtime. Go Browns!



2 thoughts on “Rod’s Week and Sports – Talking Nick Chubb

  1. Nice piece Brother. On dreams. Mine are all populated with total strangers these days. What that means I haven’t a clue.
    Yesterday’s game was like a shot of adrenaline to Browns fans. Chubb set a record for a storied franchise that the best football player of all time (my opinion of course) Jim Brown never set. Mayfield is a baller and who doesn’t love his enthusiasm for the game? This franchise is on the right track.

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