Rod’s Week and Sports – Talking Hue Jackson

What a week it’s been and we’re only halfway through it. I’ve continued to work on my to-do list and Cleveland has checked a few things off its list as well. Who would have thought that we would see Lue and Hue go in consecutive days?

I started painting bedroom number three last weekend. I enjoy painting. It’s relaxing. It isn’t as easy as it was 20 years ago, but hey, not much is. I don’t know how about your house; my house is not conducive to painting a bedroom all at once. We have too much stuff. I cleared two walls and painted them. I’ll do more next weekend. Painting in October and November probably isn’t the brightest idea anyway. The sun goes down too soon.

The Browns finally parted ways with Hue Jackson after an excruciating loss to the Steelers. It was an unwatchable game after the first quarter. In fact, I started painting at halftime. I had the game on so that I could discuss it on the Brownie Sunday Podcast. Otherwise, I’m not so sure I would have punished myself like that.

I have mixed emotions about Hue Jackson. It’s not that I think he should still be the head coach. It’s lamenting what might have been or what I felt could have been. I supported Hue Jackson well into the 2017 season. I had faith that he would do better with a better roster at the end of the 2016 season. I waited to see his impact on an offense with some firepower. None of it ever happened. In fact, in hindsight, Hue was in over his head from the beginning. He’s just another coach to come in and unceremoniously get the ax.

We, as fans, are left to pick up the pieces. We have to wonder whether the cavalcade of coaches for this team since 1999 is really as bad as their records or if the organization is so dysfunctional that no one can succeed here. (Cam from Canada wrote an excellent guest piece that evaluates the Jackson years. It’s a must-read.) This allows the national media to perpetuate the lazy rambles that count quarterbacks, coaches and general managers who have been employed in Cleveland. The good news is that this team is in good shape. Maybe they waited too long to make this change, but now it’s done. Hallelujah.

The team may not win a lot of games over the remainder of the season. Maybe they will surprise. One thing is certain, Gregg Williams will run a tight ship and that should be exactly what is needed for the culture change that is overdue.

Now, let’s be excited about where the Browns are. They have Baker Mayfield who looks like the best QB to play in Cleveland since Bernie Kosar. It’s been a long, long time and a lot of draft picks since Bernie’s playing days. John Dorsey is a smart and effective GM. His moves have brought in a lot of talent and his ability to draft well is obvious. The Browns defense leads the league in turnover ratio and is led by budding superstars in Denzel Ward, Myles Garrett, Larry Ogunjobi and Damarious Randall to name just a few. Nick Chubb has shown great ability in taking over the starting running back spot. There is much to feel good about.

I’m in the process of teaching my fourth child to drive. It’s an interesting and sometimes scary process. It requires patience, attention to detail and at certain points a raised voice. It sounds a like the requirements to be a football coach. Gregg Williams has all three. Well, maybe the patience is a stretch. I look forward to seeing how the team responds to Williams, who will coach like a father figure, after being coached by Jackson, who tried to be their best friend.

Have a great week, everyone. Things are looking up!

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