Tue. Jul 23rd, 2019

Rodney Hood Has a Lot to Prove

Cavs shooting guard Rodney Hood never quite fit in with last year’s Cavs team that reach its 4th consecutive NBA Finals. He had trouble playing alongside LeBron James and eventually found himself on the outside of the rotation looking in. Hood just signed a 1-year 3.4 million dollar qualifying offer for the upcoming season and will remain in Cleveland.

Last year, before being traded to the Cavs at the deadline, Hood averaged 16.8 points per game in his 4th season with the Utah Jazz. That number dropped to 10.8 after he was shipped to The 216.

Hood struggled so much in the postseason that he ended up not playing for portions of it. Once a guy that was sought out to be a key player in a quest to knock off the Golden State Warriors Warriors became nothing more than a burden and distraction.

There was an incident in the second round of the playoffs where Hood did not want to come in to play garbage time for the final minute of a blowout win over the Toronto Raptors. This upset a lot of players, fans alike and seemed like a childish move.

No one offered Rodney Hood a contract this offseason besides the aforementioned qualifying offer.

With LeBron James off to Los Angeles, this season will open to door for Hood to feel more comfortable on the floor. He will have a much bigger role and can use this year as a way to prove himself for a big contract next year and that’s exactly what I believe will happen.

Look for Hood to average over 15 points and help the Cavs compete for a bottom-tier playoff spot. Despite no LeBron, this team clearly isn’t going to route of tanking and has a good enough roster to make the playoffs.

I honestly feel the Cavs are getting Hood at a bargain price. Let’s hope he proves he’s worth a longterm deal in the future.

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