Rocky VII – Let’s Not Ruin The Greatest Character Ever

I would say Rocky Balboa is the most inspiring fictional character of all time. The movie series is iconic and if an American hasn’t seen Rocky, something must be wrong…

It’s not just Rocky, but characters like Adrian, Mick, Apollo, Clubber, Drago and more make it so, so great.

The elephant in the room is always Rocky V, which was the worst film (by far) in the entire series. Rocky Balboa (Rocky VI) + Creed + Creed II made up for that terrible film.

And we thought we were done. Everything, good or bad, comes to a close…

Frankly, it’s always great to look back on the films or watch YouTube clips of Rocky knocking out Apollo. But let’s be honest…

Sylvester Stallone is 73 currently and is not the same guy that we saw fighting in the ’70s and ’80s. I do not particularly love “Rocky Balboa” the character at this age.

It’s sort of like when a grandparent can’t remember something and it’s difficult to watch…

Rocky vs. Apollo in the first installment – 1976

Now, the Creed movies were a bit of a stretch in their own way because Apollo allegedly couldn’t keep his junk in his pants. But, hey. They needed a storyline and so that was that…

(I felt Apollo Creed was too dignified a person to have an affair)

The idea behind this film is that it goes back to the “Rocky” name as the 7th installment and now Rocky is supposedly going to help train an illegal immigrant that got stuck in the United States.

Let me make it clear that whether or not the fighter was legal or illegal has no barring on my opinion of this film being made. I don’t want to get political on a sports site and besides, Sly is friends with Donald Trump.

So, it’s hard to see members of your own family getting older or maybe even looking in the mirror and seeing that gray hair or wrinkles. I’m not at that stage yet, but I have relatives that are not young anymore.

I don’t want to see old Rocky.

But I know one thing…

Everyone who is a Rocky fan is going to see the movie in theaters when it comes out. Even if it’s the worst piece of trash film in the world. So Sly might be smarter than me and realize that he can make a couple of bucks off of his great character.

Who knows, maybe the film will actually be great? I’ll write another post eating my words then…

Listen, I love Sly Stallone and Rocky even more. This is, in no way, trying to disrespect someone I hold in such high regard. However, I simply feel Rocky’s story has ended.

Let millennials (whose fathers should have shown them Rocky) now show the films to their children.

And remember…Keep Punchin’!

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