April 14, 2024

When I heard the news about the players on the Browns that were robbed, I was very much shocked. Simply the fact that of all the people someone would choose to rob, football players are probably the most dangerous.

Sure, they have the $$$ and thus the items to take that are worth something, but there’s also the fact that these are the biggest and the strongest specimens on the planet and it’s not such a great idea to mess with them.

The players were Greg Newsome II and defensive tackle Perrion Winfrey.

“According to the Cleveland police report, Newsome told officers he left Rumor Bar & Lounge on W. 6th Street with another person around 2:15 a.m. Monday, June 5 and drove to the Filter Bar and Lounge in the 700 block of W. Superior Ave.” – Via 19 News 

Now, usually, the Browns are famous for losing. However, it’s not losing items in a robbery that our players are known for…


These people should not be robbing anyone at any time for any matter, but if you’re going to pick someone. I don’t know, choose like a librarian or something. A football player could make you regret the situation with one swing of the arm in return.

Luckily, nobody was hurt in the incident that occurred. There were also no arrests made by police either. That may change if more information comes out in the following days…

Look, our players should be able to feel safe in the City of Cleveland without having to worry about people robbing them while they are enjoying a night out together.

Even more so, it was at gunpoint and there were six people in masks and involved in the situation. This could’ve ended in an absolute catastrophe and thankful it didn’t. Regardless, a very scary situation for the players involved and all their family/friends that ended up hearing about it.

Hopefully, the coming days will be filled with stories about football and the signing of a certain wide receiver that the team has been after this offseason. Let’s make our robbing stories about Guardians players on defense and home runs…

It’s not easy being famous and this is yet another example of the difficulties these people do have to live with even if money is no object. If the players need a therapist, I know a good contact. No, it’s not Sylvester Stallone or George Lopez.

Last question – Why wasn’t I invited to this night out, bros?



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