March 3, 2024

RIP: Dan Gilbert’s Son Nick Passes Away at 26


It’s certainly sad to report that Nick Gilbert, the son of Cavaliers owner Dan Gilbert passed away at the age of 26. What even scarier is that is the same exact age as me and is a real reason to be thankful despite difficult personal circumstances.

“Nick suffered from neurofibromatosis (NF), a genetic disorder of the nervous system. It mainly affects how nerve cells form and generally causes tumors to grow on nerve pathways. There is no known cure.

NF can cause blindness, deafness, bone abnormalities, disabling pain and cancer. Nick underwent brain surgery as a result of the disorder in 2018. He spent 38 straight days in the hospital that year as well.” – Via MSN

Nick became the man in Cleveland after he represented the Cavs before the 2011 Draft when the team got the first pick. Guess who was selected in that draft?


And we all remember this moment a few years later that led to a title!

Yes, that is thanks to the good luck of Nick in the lottery.

Of course, it is horrible to see someone pass at such a young age and we send our deepest regards to his family and all those surrounding him in these tender moments. Of course, everyone here at Cleveland Sports Talk wishes them well.

Nick may not be around to see the Cavs Franchise rebuild and retool, but the future is certainly looking bright. Let’s hope sometime in the coming years the team can win a championship to honor Nick’s legacy with the new roster.

Nick, my man… May your memory be a blessing to us all. We will miss you in the coming seasons and never forget what you did for the Cavs in the past.

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