Richard Jefferson, True Professional

Updated: October 14, 2017

Kay Felder was just a fun dream for Dan Gilbert. He grew into a very likeable player for Cleveland fans adopting the “Uncle Kay” nickname. He was a D-League superstar but we could tell he wasn’t quite going to pan out for our squad. Dan Gilbert can throw $2.5 million at a lofty dream in the form of a 54th overall pick, I guess.

Moreover, let’s talk Richard Jefferson.

Thirty-seven years old.

Sixteen seasons.

Richard Jefferson is a legend and a true professional. I remember possessing the Greatest Stars of the NBA: Dynamic Duos book. Man, flipping through that thing was fun. It starred Tracy McGrady and Yao Ming, Steve Francis and Cuttino Mobley, and of course, Jason Kidd and RJ himself.

We were fortunate here in Cleveland to land him, even if it was at the end of his NBA tenure. He quickly became a fan favorite via creating contagious Snapchat stories, launching his own popular podcast Road Trippin’ with RJ and Channing and making Lil Kev incredibly famous (Lil Kev’s is still my fantasy basketball team name, thanks, RJ).

He tried to retire after the 2016 Finals victory in front of all 1.3 million of us in downtown, but the magnitude of peer pressure to stay and play was too much from that size of a crowd. He stayed and it was more and more fun to have him around. He’s the epitome of what you want in a veteran presence on your club. He left everything he had on the floor defending Kevin Durant this past Finals and performed as the Cav’s most efficient player off the bench with nearly 6 points per game. He clearly had the gas in the tank and gave us all he had.

The Cavs had to let a contract like his go, as we all know by now, and Jefferson got the toss. We get it, but it is tough to see him go. A personality like his is rare and it is an intangible that undoubtedly added to the Cavs success these past few years.

What a bummer that Road Trippin’ will be broken up. But know this, people in professional media have already given their props to the personality, professionalism, and character that RJ possesses. He’s already made it known that his next dream and goal in life is to enter the world of sports media personalities. He will certainly make the cut in that world and will be tremendous.

Cleveland loves RJ and wishes nothing but the best for his future career. We will continue to be huge fans and follow him. We claim him as one of our own because he gave so much to be one of us.

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