Richard Jefferson Returns

Updated: July 5, 2017

On Episode 34 of “Road Trippin’ with RJ & Channing,” Cavs forward Richard Jefferson said that he is coming back for his third season with the Cleveland Cavaliers. Joe Vardon posted an article earlier today, where he confirmed this.

Richard has considered retirement for the past two years but will continue to play. On another episode of Road Trippin’, earlier this season, Jefferson stated that he will continue to play until his body says it is time to stop. I am completely fine with him coming back for the price, because he plays hard every minute he is out on the court and we can’t lie RJ is hilarious on and off the court.

RJ is 37 years old and has one guaranteed year left on his contract and will be paid $2.5 million, which is just above the vet minimum set from last season. In his two seasons with the Cavs, he has averaged 5.7 points and 2.6 rebounds. He played solid in the past finals, one of if not the only player on the Cavs bench to do so.

Over the next season, (which I do believe will be his last) I think Ty Lue will play him, but not a ton. Mainly the sole reason I wanted him back was for Road Trippin’ and I do believe that is what most Cavs fans are thinking along with me. The podcast is quickly rising and getting national media attention and is great for a behind the scenes look at what goes on off the court. Without it, we do not get to Kyrie’s crazy conspiracy theories and we do not get the insight as to what goes on in their lives.

On the court, RJ provides a great veteran presence that gives the Ty Lue and LeBron some bench help and hopefully will give the Cavs some scoring and defense in the finals. Again, I do believe he will continue to get minutes unless the Cavs find someone else to help off the bench. So, WELCOME BACK RJ!!


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