The Cavaliers can’t stay out of the news can they? Whether it’s Kevin Love leaving for Boston, New York, LA (insert city here) or LeBron not getting along with one of his teammates, they just always find a way to get in the news.

This time the Cavs find themselves in the rumor mill for a different reason. LeBron’s former teammate Dwayne Wade could have hinted at possibly reuniting with LBJ, but this time in Cleveland. Before we take this too far, let’s actually see what Wade had to say.

Jason Liser from the Palm Beach Post asked the 3 time NBA champ if Milwaukee could ever be a free agent destination. Wade responded by saying it could because Cleveland is now one.

He didn’t in any way say Cleveland is a place he was interested in going, but he did give us a little hint that this could one day be a desired landing spot. And let’s be honest, why wouldn’t Wade want to rejoin LeBron in Cleveland? His body can’t handle being the focal point of a team anymore, but he could give an already dominate team (like the Cavs) a boost.

Wade signed a two year deal last summer with Miami with a player option for the second year. He could opt out after this season, but that doesn’t seem likely. Any chance Wade would have of relocating to Cleveland would most likely come at the end of the 2016 season which is the same year the salary cap is expected to rise. With the rise of the cap, the Cavs may be able to afford a player like Wade.

There’s a lot that has to happen before the 3 time champ can leave Miami and head to Cleveland, but it is a possibility. We know how much D-Wade likes being in Miami, but let’s be real, wouldn’t you rather play in front of a sold out arena, on a good team, with LeBron James instead of playing in front of a half empty arena in Miami with Mario Chalmers? It’s a pretty easy choice if you ask me.

We know how close the friendship between James and Wade are, it would only make sense for them to want to play on the same team again. This time it’ll be Wade’s turn to return the favor of relocating. You know LeBron isn’t leaving the great state of Ohio anytime soon.

This is a story we’ll be keeping an eye on in the coming years.

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