Since the Cleveland Cavaliers have received the first overall pick in the 2014 NBA draft there are two options that could bring back Ohio’s native son LeBron James. These two options will require some moves from the Cavs but moves that the fan base would agree with if LeBron decides to return to Cleveland. Not only would the Cavs get the greatest player on the planet back but would also become instant contenders for the NBA championship.

The first option is to trade the number one pick, Tristan Thompson, Dion Waiters, and Alonzo Gee for Minnesota’s big man Kevin Love. It has been documented that Kevin Love is very unhappy in Minnesota especially since their playoff drought. If the Cavs were able to pull off this trade as well as get a good veteran coach, LeBron would be packing his bags. The Cavs would then have their own big three consisting of Kyrie Irving, Kevin Love, and LeBron James. This tandem would work well because LeBron or Kyrie could run the pick-n-roll play with Love and LeBron’s willingness to pass is a perfect fit. Also, unlike the Heat, LeBron could play closer to 30 to 35 minutes a game because any one of the three stars could carry the team. Also, with Kyrie the spacing on the floor would be great because all three players can hit from downtown. However, the biggest question mark would be Love signing an extension after next season. With that said playing with a top five point guard and the best player in the league seem like good selling points.

The other option that could bring LeBron would be drafting Andrew Wiggins out of Kansas and trade Dion Waiters for a solid role player to come off the bench or another to beef up the Cavs front line. This would attract LeBron because he would be the leader of the team with great potential all around him. He would again play with Irving and Wiggins which analysts peg as the best player in the draft. Not only would that be good for Irving but great for Wiggins because he would not have to carry the franchise immediately. Also, LeBron likes to be a mentor to younger players and who is better to mentor Wiggins than LeBron himself. The team would be one of the youngest and most exciting in the league. Contrarily, one problem is that the team would need a couple years to become a real contender, which might lead to LeBron not coming to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

There are many things that could bring LeBron James back to Cleveland. The majority depends on what the Cavs choose to do with their trade options. However, ultimately, it depends on the Cleveland Cavaliers’ general manager’s decision.

-Dal Oprian

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