Represent: Should Baker Mayfield be at All Star Weekend?


I saw this tweet and it got me thinking.

Of course, the All-Star Weekend festivities are in Cleveland and it’s a really exciting time for this city. We have people such as LeBron James and company returning back to the city in order to represent the league as some of the finest players.

This is what I wrote about Baker:

I understand the man just had surgery and is recovering from that and such. However, it would be cool to have Baker in Cleveland for the weekend just to show his love and appreciation for the city he does represent as quarterback of the Cleveland Browns.

People say he’s recovering from surgery like he’d be expected to play in the Celebrity Game like his fellow teammate Myles Garrett did.

I think Baker is capable of sitting in a chair to watch, right?

If Baker wanted to he could be in attendance for the events. Maybe he’s trying to make a point or maybe he really still isn’t up for it. The bottom line is like I said in my tweet, it isn’t a big deal. It’s just an interesting note that’s been pointed out.

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