Reflecting On The Tribe: Now The Guardians

I’m sad.

No, I’m not an old man, but I have lived over 24 years and been a fan of the Cleveland Indians for as long as I can remember. I started Cleveland Sports Talk back in 2011 and the Cleveland Indians were obviously a part of said brand from the beginning.

Mr. Matt Loade (a legendary figure) gave me the opportunity to write about the Indians for Sports Illustrated

I have the classic Indians memory of Bill Selby hitting the walk-off grand slam off Yankees closer Marino Rivera. I was at my Bubbe & Poppa’s house. Went running across the room, slipped, fell down, banged my chin on the floor in excitement about the win. Then we got Bob Evans for dinner, I remember…

Of course, the team made it to the 2016 World Series against the Chicago Cubs. Sure, the teams of the ’90s were a bit before my time and those years my heart was beating, well I was just a baby…

A comparison I like to make with this is it feels somewhat similar to a breakup (for me, with a girlfriend). Sure, there are other girls in the world. Sure, there will be more chances to meet them. Sure, it’s not the last relationship ever. However, this one (Indians) was something that was with us for many years and we made many memories with that name. Losing it will certainly hurt despite future opportunities with the Guardians.

Us fans are simply going to have to accept the changes. Embrace them, so to speak. Appreciate the memories of the past with the Indians name and look towards the new future moments with the Guardians.

Did I personally feel this name change was necessary?


I feel the vast majority of fans either have no opinion or love the name Indians.

“I’m disappointed, the name is too bland. It doesn’t reflect Cleveland.” – Mr. Mel Rubin…My grandfather’s best friend and longtime Indians fan!

I will, of course, continue to be a fan of the Cleveland Baseball Team. No matter the name. I’ll say unless it’s something ridiculous to stop anyone from screaming out, “Well what if they change the name to the ___???”

“Are You On Guard?” 

Team names if I was in charge:

Spiders (like way before)

Rockers (Cleveland Rocks)

Balboas (This one in appreciation of my favorite movie series)


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