Despite the standoff between Andre Johnson and the Houston Texans, I believe a trade is imminent. It’s no surprise that the uncertainty of the direction of this franchise has resulted in the unhappiness of their star receiver. After spending his entire career in Texas, the pro bowler is displeased to experience another rebuilding process. Johnson wants to compete for a championship and ideally would welcome a trade to a contender like the New England Patriots.

Regardless of the lack of “contender” status that Cleveland possesses, the Browns could be an intriguing destination. Cleveland is one of four teams interested in acquiring the 11 year veteran. This roster move could be one that makes or breaks the 2014 season.

As we all know, the future of Josh Gordon is up in the air and the Browns could use pass catchers. Although we host an average receiving corps, with Gordon absent, the Browns lack that receiving threat. Sure, Anthony Armstrong could rejuvenate his career while Miles Austin and Nate Burleson attempt to remain healthy, but Andre Johnson is the truth.

Despite turning 33 on Friday, the Florida native is still amongst the league’s elite. Throughout the 2013 campaign, Johnson racked up 1,407 yards on 109 receptions. Keep in mind, those stats are remarkable considering he was catching passes from a struggling Matt Schaub and an inexperienced Case Keenum. If Andre Johnson leaves Houston, he departs as the all time leader in receptions, yards, and touchdowns.

Not so fast, the Texans refuse to budge and cave into the receiver’s demands. They stand by their original statement and will not engage in trade talks. As the season creeps closer and closer, someone is bound to collapse. Until that happens, the Cleveland Browns should try anything within their ability, to a respectable standpoint, to obtain the star wide receiver.

The Cleveland Browns have the cap room to accept Johnson’s contract of three years, $31.5 million, $10 million being guaranteed. Not to mention, Kyle Shanahan was employed with the Texans franchise from 2006-09. As offensive coordinator for two seasons, Johnson produced some of his best years, finishing with over 1,500 yards. If that isn’t convincing enough, just think how dangerous the combination of Andre Johnson and Johnny Manziel could be.

If Joe Haden and the Cleveland Browns plan to win a championship before Lebron James and the Cavaliers, Andre Johnson is a step in the right direction.

– Max Gold

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