December 2, 2023

Recapping the Players-Only “NBA 2K” Tournament

    Currently with no sports, humanity is apparently so bored that ‘professional sports’ been reduced to watching professional basketball players play video games of  professional basketball players. Where is this world headed? Leaving that question for greater minds, here is what has been learned from the recent players only “NBA 2K” tournament.

    First, to put it simply, NBA players aren’t good at video games. Except for perhaps Trae Young and Devin Booker, most of the participants seemed to be picking up a controller for the first time. Many of the games were blowouts, and even when they weren’t it wasn’t very entertaining. Perhaps the next tournament will have players choosing an easier setting – either “rookie” or “pro” difficulty, please., pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

    Second, most of the tournament’s participants have picked the Lakers along with the Bucks. Each player got to choose a couple teams to use, and most included the Bucks and Lakers. Seeing how they chose to use the Bucks in the first round games, clearly they saw the Lakers as the better team that needed to be used in more competitive games. It tells us how the players view the Lakers vis-a-vis the Bucks.

    In conclusion, there seemed to be two types of participants. One were the hard core competitors like Patrick Beverly, who were so focused on winning they didn’t want to chat. The other were the social players like Harrison Barnes, who seemed to be just hanging out and having fun talking with their buddies – because, like the fans at home watching, they had nothing else to do.

    Perhaps the best thing to say about the players only “NBA 2K” tournament is that, with such slim pickings for sport programming, at least there was an opportunity to see what the NBA players are like off the court. Hopefully fans don’t have to rely on this for sports entertainment too much longer.

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