Reality Check? Wake Up Call? Maybe This Was Good?

A friend of mine recently gave me the Sports Illustrated copy Odell & Jarvis saying, “The Browns are Back!”

Thank you, Roger 🙂

It got me thinking…

Those guys look like they’ve already won the Super Bowl when they haven’t done anything in a Cleveland uniform (at the time).

I appreciate the confidence, but where is the line drawn?

Sunday night’s game against the Los Angeles Rams was certainly a wake-up call for this entire city (myself included). Baker is doing Progressive commercials, these guys are shooting magazine covers…

Hello, you’ve done nothing.

I understand why everyone was so excited for this year, especially after the OBJ trade. However, there’s a reason the games are played and that is because even the better team on paper doesn’t always win on the field.

This reminds me of LeBron James’ return to Cleveland in 2014. The hype was massive, of course, but the team lost the game at home to the Knicks, 95-90. No one on the planet thought the Cavs would lose that game.

Wake up.

The fun is over and it is time to get serious about football. It bothered me when the team was losing and a commercial with Baker in it came on. Obviously, he didn’t record it during halftime or anything, but it still symbolically shows that 100% of the attention is not on football.

The game needs to be the priority for these guys and I think the glitz and the glam is taking up a lot of space.

This week, coach Kitchens needs to be hard on these guys. Like…Miracle again, again, again – hard.

Make them work and realize this isn’t all fun and games. The Baltimore Ravens are a great team and playing them on the road isn’t going to be easy.

Additionally, Freddie needs to do some soul-searching himself.

I understand most rookie coaches aren’t thrust into the spotlight. However, football is football. The stupid coaching errors have to stop. Running the ball on 4th and 9? WHAT?

Losing the game to the Rams…it was hard to watch. But maybe, it woke up the players and coaching staff to get with the program.

The party is over.

In Baltimore, I expect to see a better performance, from all facets of the organization. As I said in my last article, starting 1-3 will cause this town to go absolutely crazy.

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