The Browns have had seven losses in their first 12 games of the season, all of which count the same in the standings, but some have hurt more emotionally.

So, I’m going to rank the losses – best to worst., pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

7. New England Patriots (The Best Loss)

The Patriots are the Patriots. They’ve won 18 straight games at home, it was raining, something that these Browns have not experienced a lot of. The Browns practically handed the game away in the first quarter with two Nick Chubb fumbles and an interception. After trailing by 17, the Browns played well in the second through fourth quarters, though the lead was too much to overcome.

6. Seattle Seahawks

The Browns played well for most of this game, including a chance to lead 27-12 at the half, but three interceptions, poor play calling (this will become a theme throughout) and a penalty on 4th and goal that negated a Browns touchdown, sank the Browns. This was the first game that the talks of firing Freddie Kitchens emerged and it began to drop the Browns out of the division race.

5. Los Angeles Rams

This was the chance for the new Browns to show the country who they were. Sunday Night Football. In Cleveland. Against the defending NFC Champions…and they fell just short. The Browns forced Jared Goff into three turnovers despite having a beat-up secondary. However, they were unable to get the job done do to poor offense and horrible play calling.

4. San Francisco 49ers

The Browns were dominated this game. They finally led the division, coming off the best win of the season, 40-25, in Baltimore, but just could not compete with the 49ers. Baker Mayfield threw two interceptions and after an early trick play, the Browns couldn’t find any offensive traction.

3. Tennessee Titans

After all of the hype, the hope, the excitement that filled the offseason, the chance to finally see Baker and OBJ make that connection. It all looked so promising as the high-octane offense marched down the field and scored the first time they got the ball. Unfortunately, it was a mirage as the Browns played undisciplined, sloppy football and lost by 30 to an average Titans team.

2. Denver Broncos

Brandon Allen. That’s what the Browns season came down to and they couldn’t beat a guy who couldn’t even beat out JOE FLACCO for a starting job. The offense couldn’t get touchdowns in the red zone, the defense couldn’t tackle, and Kitchens couldn’t make good decisions at the goal line. This is a horrible loss, not including Jermaine Whitehead’s post-game comments.

1. Pittsburgh Steelers

Once again, the Browns lost to a backup quarterback. This time it was the Steelers, it was a blown 10-point lead and it was to a guy named Duck. The rivalry had the chance to be reborn and then the Browns blew it. It was a chance to get back in the playoff race; it was a chance for a four-game winning streak for the first time in 10 seasons. After Mayfield started hot, he injured his arm and never looked the same. The secondary looked their age and were overwhelmed and the offensive line had a poor performance. All of this combined for a 7th loss, the one that summed up the first 12 games.

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