Hey, dipshit.

You know it’s possible to be stupid without projecting loudly how brainless and uninformed you are, right?

We already have a guy in the White House for that.

I know that you’re clinging dearly to your 20 minutes of Google “research,” bantering about how the NBA, NFL, NCAA, NHL and various towns and cities are taking it too seriously. After all, reaching for a real original liner, “only the immuno-compromised and elderly will actually die from it, why fret?” right?

It’s just the common flu, though? The weather’s warming up, and that will somehow eliminate the virus completely, isn’t that right?

You clicked on the link to this article, so you either want some positive reinforcement or you desperately need some sense slapped (beaten) into you. So, here are some of the facts:

  • The coronavirus has been declared a pandemic by the World Health Organization. The last time something got declared a pandemic was the H1N1 “Swine flu” back in 2009. Before then, it had been over 40 years since the previous pandemic. In 2009, H1N1 caused roughly 284,000 deaths according to the CDC. Considering the world’s 7.64 Billion population, that number doesn’t seem too much, a .003% mortality rate to be fair. Still, these numbers are insignificant when we’re talking about taking stock at a grocery store, timing how long it takes to drive from one place to another, or doing just about anything quantifiable with numbers. Human lives aren’t quantifiable. Considering that the Coronavirus currently has a 3.8% mortality rate, or, about 1,266 times that of the H1N1, it is a lot more threatening, and this is a no brainer- it’s a very serious pandemic which has the potential to seriously spurn out of control. If left unchecked and kept at the rate it is going, the Coronavirus would cause a little over 359 million deaths before the year is out. Hopefully, we’re able to learn about and better contain before we even come close to those numbers.
  • Organizations with countless amounts of collective wealth, namely the NBA, NFL, NCAA and NHL, have canceled or otherwise heavily restricted access to their typically large events due to the threat of the Coronavirus. Not only did this never happen in 2009, or ever for that matter, but it should be telling that this is serious when that many big money, big-name organizations would do something like that. Seriously, you don’t need to be an egghead to get that far at the least.
  • Italy suffered nearly 200 deaths by itself in one day just on Wednesday. Considering that Italy isn’t even where the Coronavirus supposedly originated, that’s quite staggering. Additionally, German Chancellor Angela Merkel believes that at least 70 percent of the German population is at risk of getting the Coronavirus. Currently, the US has a little over 1,300 cases of Coronavirus in the country.

That’s a lot of well-educated people who know a hell of a lot more than you do, saying that countermeasures the likes of the NBA, NFL, NCAA and more are what will help some of these terrible numbers from ever occurring.

Either way, it’s best to step aside and leave it to the medical professionals. Or, you could go team up with Jenny McCarthy and friends, and maybe catch the Coronavirus in person.

Would that be modern-day Darwinism? Or is that sentiment a bit pessimistic?

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