The Cleveland Browns have stimulated contract extension negotiations for Brian Hoyer. The Ohio native is entering the last year of his deal, due around one million dollars. Mike Pettine penciled in Hoyer as the starting quarterback for training camp, July 26th. Cleveland plans to retain Hoyer for its’ future, hopefully at a reasonable price.

Regardless of the intentions with Johnny Manziel, the Browns would like some security or a safety blanket at the position. Hoyer should accommodate this desire with his leadership and experience. Although, Brian Hoyer has five years under his belt, he has appeared in only 18 games consisting of four starts. This contract could potentially be low-risk, high-reward.

Although, the franchise would be required to cough up more than one million for his qualifications, but due to the lack of playing time, the Michigan State product shouldn’t command an absurd amount of money. This signifies the importance of striking a deal now, instead of at the season’s conclusion. Hypothetically, if Hoyer remains healthy, competing at superb level, and discovers some success, the quarterback could demand a substantial contract. Rather than dish out a lucrative deal to Hoyer, the Browns would promote Johnny Manziel.

Granted that Manziel could earn the quarterback job, the signing of Hoyer remains a necessity. The five year veteran serves as a leader, mentor, and a bridge to develop “Johnny Football.” Despite who claims the role as field general, Hoyer or Manziel, the Cleveland Browns intend to dress both quarterbacks in brown and orange for several years.

– Max Gold

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