Q & A With The Poster Girl at the Parade

1. How did you come up with that sign idea?

I just wanted to have a funny sign that involved something that people could relate to/understand (like a meme or something, ya know?). And since I am an avid twitter/social media user and college student, I’ve seen plenty of tweets/posts that talked about “eating ass.” People often find those funny so I was like, “Well, the Browns are bad and they suck ass…” and BAM. A perfect sign was created in five minutes before we left.

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2. Overall, what was your experience at the parade?

Despite it being extremely cold, I had a lot of fun!!!! Seeing everyone’s signs and the different floats/groups in the parade was great. I loved the “Quarterback Graveyard” groupĀ and the vehicle that had the jersey with the lists of all the different names. I had friends that decided not to go because of the cold, and I really think they missed out. Like yeah, it was cold, but if you wear enough layers and get a lil drunk, it honestly made for a great time. It was interesting seeing the people that came out as well. I felt like a lot of them don’t reside in the city of Cleveland itself. That made the parade interesting because people really made a drive to Cleveland just to stand around the stadium and watch a parade in temperatures that felt like it was below zero. It kind of brought a sense of pride to me; obviously, the Browns went 0-16, but the fans actually care about the team enough to go to a parade for their awful season and express how they feel. I’m just glad I was able to be a supportive part of it.

3. How big of a Browns fan are you?

Honestly, I don’t keep up with professional sports. But living in/being from Cleveland, I obviously support and root for the Cleveland teams. The reason I actually, physically watch the Browns (or any football game/sport for that matter) and attend games is that my boyfriend does and I am not one to argue over it. If it’s what he likes, I’m going to tag along to make him happy. I don’t care much for the actual games, I am just there for a fun time and memories, but no matter what, I hope the Browns win.

4. Who do you want them to draft with the 1st and 4th picks?

I don’t know much about this draft, I just know I will probably be watching it with my boyfriend and I just hope they pick people who will help the Browns win a game. Yeah, the 0-16 parade was fun, but I think everyone can agree that a celebration based off of victory as opposed to failure would be much more enjoyed.

5. Browns record next year?

Uhm… 2-14 ?? I don’t want to get my hopes up too high.


Final note: Her sign does not reflect her personally in any way.

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