April 20, 2024

Q & A With “Sir Yacht” and his Cleveland Cities Trip!


Cleveland social media legend Joey Kinsley (also a former amazing clesportstalk.com writer), who is also known as Sir Yacht, posted a map Sunday night saying he would take a road trip to 13 different U.S. cities named Cleveland if his tweet got 10,000 likes. It didn’t take long for his fans to reply! I did a Q&A with my buddy about his trip and here it is below!

Why did you decide to go on this Cleveland City adventure?

I wanted to start making bigger YouTube projects, and this was always something I’ve wanted to do: travel the country, and do something spontaneous. I love taking risks and this was the start to big productions for my future videos.

To raise awareness for the idea and see if anyone was interested, I put a tweet out saying I’d do it for 10,000 likes, thinking it MIGHT hit that in a month. It hit that marker in 90 minutes. I had a 10 day window in front of me, so I left the very next day.

What’s been the most rewarding part?

I think meeting so many amazing people and seeing so many amazing places. I’ve really met a lot of cool residents of other Cleveland towns that have been so generous and kind to me. We’ve raised over $4000 for the Greater Cleveland Food Bank through this journey which has been so rewarding.

What’s been the biggest challenge?

Lack of sleep lol. I’ve been driving a minimum 10-12 hours a day, and then sleeping 4-5 hours a night and repeating. I’ve loved a lot of these places so not being able to stay more than a few hours makes me wants to go back more.

Who have you met?

A ton of people from really every walk of life, ethnicity, region etc. It’s been really cool. There’s a lotta awesome people all over.

What have you seen?

Everything from the Appalachians to big downtown cities like Chicago, Orlando, Tampa, Kansas City, Dallas and Atlanta, to sunny beaches, wintery small towns. Basically every season and element I’ve experienced in the past week (you should see the clothes in my suitcase).

Why do you love *our* Cleveland, Ohio so much?

It’s home. It’s a culmination of great people, big city with a small town feel, an awesome lake, and access to a ton of cool things. 

Would you go on this trip again?

Yes, but I’d plan more time in between so I could really enjoy the stops. I’d maybe even add the other 15 Clevelands that aren’t cities but technically townships and unincorporated communities. 

Thank you so much to Sir Yacht for his time in answering my questions! Congratulations on such an amazing trip! We all here at CST are so proud of you and everything you’ve accomplished over the years.

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