March 3, 2024

Q & A With Cleveland Boxers Yuandale Evans & Charles Conwell


Showtime Boxing is back in Cleveland for the first time in three years! CST did a Q & A with Cleveland boxers Yuandale Evans (Right) and 2016 US Olympian Charles Conwell (Left) in featured image. Evans fights in the main event against undefeated prospect, Luis Rosa, Jr. Conwell fights for the first time in Cleveland during his pro career.

When did you start boxing?

Yuandale Evans: I started boxing when I was 10 years old.
Charles Conwell: I was very young. I believe I was 8 years old when I first laced up the gloves.

Who was your favorite boxer growing up? 

YE: My younger brother, Lavonte, was my favorite boxer growing up. If I’m looking outside of my family, I have to go with Roberto Duran as my favorite fighter. He was a beast.
CC: Iron Mike Tyson was my favorite as a kid. I bet that’s a popular pick, but he was so dominant, I couldn’t imagine anyone else as my favorite.

How would you describe your fighting style?

YE: I used to be just a banger, throwing punches. But today, I am so much more of a complete fighter. I am a puncher, a boxer and my defense is really on point.
CC: I can bang if I need to, but I also have the skills to win by boxing.

What was your best fight and why? 

YE: My fourth pro fight, I fought Jason Rorie. It was my best fight because it was the first time I really got tested. I was head-butted and that caused blood to start dripping into my eyes. I could barely see but I persevered and kept fighting. In the end, I won a unanimous decision. It was definitely my toughest fight because I proved I could handle adversity.
CC: It’s hard to pick just one. I’d say winning all the fights in the Olympic Trials were tied for my favorite! That was the path that took me to making the 2016 Olympic Team, representing the U.S.

Why do you think you will beat your opponent (Evans faces Luis Rosa, Jr., Conwell faces Roque Zapata)? 

YE: Rosa is a tough fighter, but he has never fought anyone like me. I am stronger, faster and I have been in the game longer. Beyond that, I also have a very high boxing IQ.
CC: I’m better than him, more skilled.

What do you think about Cleveland/What does it mean to you? 

YE: Cleveland is my home. I love this city. It is a tough city and it builds character. The fans here are some of the most loyal in America and I love that. I believe it’s because we are all dealing with the struggles of everyday life and bond through that.
CC: Cleveland means everything to me. It’s my home and I’m very proud to be from here. I love Cleveland and fighting at home for my first TV fight is like a dream come true.

Do you like the Rocky movies and if so what is your favorite scene? Any other favorite boxing films?

YE: They’re all pretty good, but Rocky lV was probably the best, with Rocky beating that Russian’s ass! My favorite boxing movie though is probably Hands Of Stone. It’s about Roberto Duran and came out a few years ago. Duran was a bad ass with no mercy. That’s how I see myself as well.

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Photo credit: Henry Bernstein

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