Prospect Profiles: Clive Walford


Welcome back Browns fans, it’s the offseason so that means it is time to look forward to the draft (as always). The Browns surprisingly went 7-9 this year, but for some reason unbeknownst to me, this season was looked as a huge failure. When it comes to failures, the only one I truly saw on the Browns this year was TE Jordan Cameron. I know what you’re all saying, “How could a guy who’s always injured be considered a failure?” And I admit, failure may be too harsh of a word, but Cameron vastly underperformed in comparison to his 2013 season 80 reception, 917 yards, 7 TD’s. Cameron is a free agent, and it’s time to look at his replacement.

Enter Clive Walford.

Walford, who played college ball at Miami for the Hurricanes, encompasses the talents that makes up a great tight end: blocking and receiving. There are a ton of tight ends who can catch (Jimmy Graham, Antonio Gates), plenty of tight ends who can block (Brent Celek, Gary Barnidge), but only a handful who can truly do both (Delaine Walker, Jason Witten, and that Gronk guy). Walford can be that guy who does both. I am by no means saying that Clive Walford will ever be Rob Gronkowski, but Delaine Walker or Heath Miller is a very possible career track for him.

Walford has above average athletic ability in every facet, and he uses that to his advantage. He gets a good base when blocking, and he always finishes well. Walford is already and NFL caliber blocker. Walford is already used to be being the “safety net” for the young inexperienced quarterback, as he did for true freshman Brad Kaaya. Walford tends to round off his routes and has experienced some drops early in his career. But, for a guy who didn’t start playing football until his senior year of high school, it’s amazing how far he’s come.

The Browns could find their future tight end for the next ten years. This is a guy who is ready to block on the goal line and actually make a difference, and not hidden on the backside like Cameron always is. Walford is the rare prospect that can play at all times, and is always a threat.

This video is a testament to just how fast Walford is:

Walford has seen his stock rise tremendously at the Senior Bowl, but it is likely that he could still be selected in the 3rd to 5th rounds. He has the potential with a good combine to move up even further however. As I stated above, Heath Miller and possibly even fellow ‘Cane Greg Olsen are good comparisons.


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