In a league that’s had the same two teams in the NBA Finals the past three years, keeping the level of competition up is very important for the NBA. Now, we are talking about the all-star game here, something that counts for nothing and that the defense played is almost as bad as the Cavaliers’.

Frankly, I have always had an issue with the brotherhood that comes with the NBA. It’s not that I don’t want any of the players to be friends, it’s just that ALL the players are friends with each other. You can see this demonstrated when before games players on opposing teams are doing special handshakes and rituals.

I hate it.

So when I saw that the NBA was doing a draft with captains for each team, our very own LeBron James and Steph Curry, I was once again disappointed in the league.

Now, it does spice up the game a bit. It allows for players to play against their very own teammates, which I think is awesome. Seeing Kevin Durant cross up Steph Curry and dunk on his face would be satisfying in a weird way. Moreover, LeBron selected Kyrie Irving to be on his team (this is such a power move) ought to be interesting as well.

So, it definitely draws attention to the game.

The negative is that it gives even more power to the players and further laments the fact that everyone is buddy-buddy and there is no East vs. West rivalry, which is why they had to change it up in the first place. The games in the past few years were hard to watch.

Back in the day, before I was around, players despised each other. They wanted to win and if they took a cheap shot, punches would be thrown. That kind of play is long gone and it has a bit to do with the times, but more so the culture of the league and the friendships of everyone in it.

The NBA has a huge problem of being very top-heavy, which may get partially fixed if our very own Cavs don’t get their act together. I will be intrigued by the ASG, but also disappointed at how the league has evolved.


Here are the teams:

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