Progressive Field Comparisons: Yankee Stadium

  1. Food and Drinks

When I usually think of expensive cities, New York City is one of the first ones I think of. Surprisingly, this wasn’t true with Yankee Stadium. Sure, it was still more than you would like, but it was better than some of the stadiums I’ve been to. To start, a regular beer was only $5.59 and a souvenir soda was $5.99, but no refills. Luckily for me, the drinks were Pepsi products just like Progressive, which I prefer. The cotton candy was only $4.19, but a Nathan’s hot dog was $5.79 and popcorn was $7.39. Some of the prices are a little lower, but they’re still more expensive overall than Progressive Field.

Continuing with their appreciation for history, they honored a championship team above all food areas on the first level. Their food selection was different on each level, which is nice to add variety but can also suck if you’re someone that will go higher to get the same thing and wait in a shorter line, which can make Progressive nice.

One thing that stood out was their love for specific food or bar areas. They had a Pepsi food court, Toyota terrace, Pepsi lounge, Frank’s Red-Hot lounge and AT&T sports lounge, just to name a few.

At Progressive Field, they have plenty of local food places, like Barrio, Melt, Sweet Moses, and Happy Dog. With Yankee Stadium, they had some local places but also had a lot of well-known places. They had NYY Steak Express, Mighty Quinn’s Barbeque, Lobel’s Prime Steak and the ONE Sushi. They also had places like Jersey Mike’s Subs, King’s Hawaiian Grill, Johhny Rockets and Papa Johns.

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