September 28, 2022

Progressive Field Comparisons: Yankee Stadium

  1. Design

As soon as you reach Yankee Stadium, you are welcomed with beauty. I have to be honest, it was quite a site when I first saw that stadium with its limestone and granite surrounding sky-reaching arched windows. At the top of the entrance, written in gold, was “Yankee Stadium.” In 2009, the stadium was opened, making it one of the newer stadiums in the MLB, including Progressive Field.

The stadium is a perfect mix of modern architecture and the history of the storied franchise. Even though it is new, they kept certain aspects of the old stadium. For one, the dimensions of the field are exactly identical. The left-centerfield wall is farther back, which is the opposite of Progressive Field. On top of that, they moved the Monument Park and other important landmarks from the old stadium to this one. You can’t exactly say the same about Progressive Field.

Even though the Yankees tend to be on their own level among the rest of the league, they still pay respect to the rest of the teams with a flag for each one along the top of the stadium. Once you enter the stadium, you’re welcomed with a large Yankees Team Store and the Hard Rock Café. My only problem with the entrance of the stadium was that their organization of the gates caused there to be a lot of traffic getting in, even though the game had already started.

The Yankees have one of the biggest names in sports and they seem to know that. Almost everywhere you went, there was somewhere to buy Yankee memorabilia and the stores were like full-size clothing stores. I thought it was a beautiful stadium, but it didn’t seem to be as family-friendly as Progressive Field. Also, the bleachers didn’t have a back to them, like Progressive does, but that didn’t seem to stop them from having a sold-out crowd that night.

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