September 26, 2022

Progressive Field Comparisons: Yankee Stadium

  1. Location

Right next to where the old stadium was, Yankee Stadium was built in the Bronx. Seeing that there was so much history at the old stadium, it wasn’t left unforgotten and is now made into four different baseball parks. It was a crowded area with everyone playing, but how could you blame them?

Seeing that this is New York City, they had a subway that took you right to the stadium, just like it takes you everywhere else you want to go. In that case, not surprisingly, the public transportation is better there than if you were going to Progressive Field. I was, however, kind of surprised by the parking areas that were around the stadium. There wasn’t much, but enough for me to be surprised. When it came to Uber and Lyft, there were pick-up and drop-off locations similar to Progressive.

Not too far from the stadium was the Bronx Zoo, which makes me always think of Madagascar. So, if you were looking to make a whole day out of it, you have both of those options pretty close in proximity. On top of it, they had plenty of bars and restaurants around the stadium to eat, like Progressive does. They also had a McDonald’s right next to the gate, which was different, yet smart. I personally loved that it wasn’t too far from the popular areas around New York and around the stadium was beautiful.

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