Progressive Field Comparisons: Preview

This marks the beginning of a series of articles that will take a comparative look at professional baseball stadiums compared to Progressive Field. As Cleveland fans, I am sure we have all experienced at least one Indians game at Progressive Field or even it’s old name, Jacobs’ Field. Many of us have been there during both eras and still call it, “The Jake.” This article is meant to introduce you to the idea of this series and the way the comparisons will be conducted.

A very common goal of baseball fans is to visit every professional baseball stadium. Obviously, this can be extremely difficult, but a lot of people have completed it or are close. This is something that I want to complete at some point in my life and this summer marked the start of my journey. I visited five stadiums in 10 days and watched a game at each of them. I attended Camden Yards, Nationals Park, Yankee Stadium, Citi Field, and Fenway Park. Each one of them was unique in its own way. Being an Indians fan and only knowing Progressive Field prior to the trip, it was my only source of reference.

In that case, I figured that in the spirit of it being the heart of the baseball season and a prime time for summer vacations, why not compare all of these stadiums to our Progressive Field. In addition to the ones that I will be discussing, I hope to have my co-writers join me in comparing stadiums they have been to recently to Progressive Field. These articles, I hope, will give people a look into what other stadiums are like that they haven’t been to or give people a preview of what to look for when they do go there.

Within this series, each baseball stadium comparison will be broken into five categories. The categories are the most important factors when it comes to making a great baseball stadium. They are location, design, food/drinks, entertainment, and history. I hope to dive deep into each aspect of the park that is different or similar to Progressive Field. At each stadium, I took local transportation to get there, had some sort of food and drink there, and walked around the entire main concourse.

As you read on in this series and learn more about the other stadiums in the MLB, I hope you find them as interesting as I did. No matter what the stadiums are like, Progressive Field will always have a special place in my heart.


Dustin’s favorite Progressive Field Memory:

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