February 20, 2024

Progressive Field Comparisons: Citi Field



New York City is special seeing that it is one of the only cities to have multiple MLB teams. Similarly, Los Angeles has two NBA teams, where the Los Angeles Lakers are much more popular than the Los Angeles Clippers. When it comes to the New York City MLB teams, the situation is the same. One team, being the Yankees, is much more popular than the other, being the Mets. Because of this, I was curious to see what Citi Field would have to draw people in and compete with the Yankees. They started off strong when they surprised me with a free T-Shirt, which is the one I am wearing in the picture. The game turned out to be a good one, but it was the only game that I attended where the home team was the losing one. The Mets ended up losing to the Los Angeles Dodgers 5-2. So, what makes it stand out?

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