Progressive Field Comparison: PNC Park


The design of PNC Park is utterly amazing. It has been noted to be one of the more beautiful parks in the MLB. Basically the entire skyline of Pittsburgh is on the horizon behind the centerfield wall. You also have the Allegheny River behind the outfield walls, which is also beautiful if you’re sitting in the outfield, preferably in right field. You are also able to see the Roberto Clemente Bridge which is iconic. This is usually the first thing people think of when they’re talking about PNC Park.

People have always talked about how Cleveland has such a nice ballpark and this is true for the most part but in a sense, the actual scene behind the ballpark is bland in my opinion. PNC Park puts all other parks to shame in terms of the view in the park and the skyline being in the background helps with that.

The one drawback of PNC Park is some of the design that is involved with the park. The video board in left field is among the worst in the league. This board is literally the size of a laptop screen and it’s somewhat glitched. I guess you can say that I’m spoiled by the Indians who have a HUGE video board screen. The small video board also limits what they’re able to show; the Indians have an advantage in this aspect because they are able to put all the small details. My favorite detail the Indians put on their board is who is warming up for the teams.

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