Major League Baseball and the Major League Baseball Players Association yesterday held a meeting to discuss pressing topics. The meeting lasted roughly two hours and the topics discussed included revenue sharing and free agency. The player’s union decided to drop their request to alter the timeline for free agency. The player’s association wanted to create an “age-based free agency system.” They realized it would get denied by Rob Manford. Also, the player’s association revised their changes to the revenue sharing system. I’m sure not a single owner was happy to hear about that. The COVID virus is still going around and the owners want to keep the money in their pockets.

Major League Baseball deputy commissioner Dan Halem spoke out about how discussions were coming along. The league is willing to lose regular-season games due to “outstanding issues” that need to be addressed. This hurts not only the player’s salaries, but it also hurts the fans. I hate to hear that because I love the game; I grew up playing the game, which has been a part of me practically my entire life. It has been unfortunate that neither side has agreed upon anything yet. Both sides met again today to try and make some progress. The league laid out a plan for bonus pool money for international players and pre-arbitration players. The union also is trying to push for an increase in the league’s minimum salary, which is currently 570,500 dollars. Also discussed was to increase in the collective bargaining threshold. In addition, Major League teams would earn draft picks if top prospects get a full year of service time and if they receive an award. An interesting take is that the league has offered to eliminate draft pick compensation for free agents, and the rule has been in effect since 1976. Yesterday did not go well, however, there are reasons to be optimistic. Progress was made today, which is a good thing. Stay tuned.

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