April 20, 2024

PREVIEW Indians vs. A’s April 1st


It was exciting to finally have meaningful baseball yesterday as the Indians embarked on their 162 game journey. Late hits by Nyjer Morgan and Nick Swisher put the Indians on top. Hopefully we can put some more runs together tonight, being 2-11 with RISP is unacceptable and we need to get the key hits tonight as we face a famalier face to the Tribe, Scott Kazmir.

Corey Kluber vs. Scott Kazmir

The Indians are expecting a lot out of Kluber this season. He put up a 3.85 ERA last season in 141.7 innings. Being our number 2 started currently, we are expecting him to rise to the occasion tonight, hopefully to pick up where Justin left off yesterday. Scott Kazmir a famalier face pitching for the Tribe last season. Left to sign with Oakland for 2 years 22MM. He is hoping to pick up where he left of last season. Where he posted a 4.04 ERA and pitching a full season for the first time in 2 years.

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