Hey, Cleveland!

Again, it’s time to say How about those Browns? Thursday’s game against the defending Superbowl Champion Philadelphia Eagles was not the highest scoring or prettiest game I’ve ever seen, but even a win by an odd (and ugly) score is a win. It was fun to laugh a little about the “Tribe” winning over the “Phillies,” 5-0. It was fantastic to watch our defense run over Philly and keep them scoreless.

So, our defense now has a Top Dawg this preseason. None other than last year’s overall number one pick, Myles Garrett. When your favorite player scores with your favorite way to put points on the board, it is looking like a good night. Let the “Safety Dance” begin!

As a quirky aside, I love when my team scores via a safety. Why? It could be because I enjoy the officials make that ridiculous motion indicating the score, or because I take every safety scored while I’m watching as a chance to do my Men Without Hats impression and sing “Safety Dance.”

Tagging Eagle’s quarterback Nick Foles in the end zone earning himself the sack and the team two points was just the beginning of Garrett’s impressive play in our third preseason game of the year. I am sincerely hoping that this is Garrett’s warmup for the regular season. Aside from the safety, Garrett plagued Eagles’ quarterbacks with a second sack as well as a pair of hurries. He also logged three combined tackles, two of these were tackles for a loss.

Aside from individual statistics, Garrett shines in the areas of general menacing on the field and demonstrating a dominant presence on the sideline. This is what the team needs from Garrett. He has a winning smile and friendly demeanor, but on the field, he morphs into a beast. He is worth his weight in first-round draft pick gold because of standout play and enormous potential. I can hardly wait to see what Garrett does as the season progresses.

Congratulations and well done, Myles Garrett. You are preseason’s Week 1 Top Dawg!


Image Credit: Newsline

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