Football is back!!!!! On Saturday, August 14, 2021, the Cleveland Browns travel to Jacksonville to take on the Jaguars. Kickoff starts at 7 pm. NFL fans will get a taste and see how HC Urban Meyer will do in the NFL. Granted, it is only a preseason game, it will be interesting to see how Coach Meyer and QB Trevor Lawrence mesh together.

Cleveland Browns HC Kevin Stefanski announced that QB Baker Mayfield will NOT be playing in this preseason game and that 2nd string QB Case Keenum will get the start. Stefanski also announced that very few to no starters will be playing in this game.

Browns fans (like myself) should be happy about this head coach decision. The Browns do not want to risk any injuries upon their starters which could potentially cause a disaster for the regular season. Stefanski is playing it safe and getting our starters ready for the regular season. Another reason we should be happy about this decision is that this could also mean that Baker Mayfield and co. have had a great training camp and should not need any reps in this game.

This will be an interesting matchup since NFL fans will finally get to see college coach Urban Meyer finally getting a head coaching gig in the NFL. We will also get to see QB Trevor Lawrence play as well. The game plans for both teams will probably play out vanilla and boring, but that makes sense considering it is only preseason.

Preseason or not, football is back and your Cleveland Browns are back as well. I am super stoked to finally watch our guys play again after an offseason that has felt forever. C’mon Saturday, we are ready for some Browns football! Here we go Brownies!!! Here we go!!!

Image: ESPN

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