April 14, 2024

Potential 2018 First Overall Picks for the Browns



Josh Rosen, QB, UCLA

This option has been the most popular amongst analysts and fans for the time being. Rosen has it all as a prospect: prototypical height, good arm strength, ability to read the defense, pinpoint accuracy and an “it” factor. Singlehandedly, Rosen has been able to lead his mediocre UCLA Bruins team to wins, some of which are in comeback fashion. Adam Schefter reported that Josh Rosen would much rather be selected by the New York Giants at two instead of being selected to come to Cleveland. Since this report has come out, Rosen has done nothing to deny this. Also, Rosen has his fair share of injuries. The notable injuries Rosen has had are a knee, hand, and shoulder injury (which kept him out of the Cactus Bowl). It has also been reported that Rosen suffered a concussion this year. Rosen has a frame similar to Marcus Mariota and Teddy Bridgewater, both of which have had a tough time staying healthy in the NFL.

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