Postion By Positon Preview – Cavs vs. Bulls


Cavs Vs. Bulls: 1/19/15 Preview

-Max Alter

On Halloween, the Cavs won in OT 114-108 against the Chicago Bulls in a game that gave me straight up chills. LeBron scored a soft 36 points and Kevin Love added 16 points and 16 rebounds, not to mention a double-double from Tristan.


The Cavs were one and one, and, with a pretty poor performance the night before against the New York Knicks, looked like they bounced back and were ready to prove themselves as a dominant Eastern Conference Team. 20 wins and 19 losses later, we’re clinging onto the sixth playoff spot and struggling to stay above .500.

However, Monday night’s game is a huge matchup for the Cavs. On 1/19, we face the 27-15 Chicago Bulls at home and have a chance to not only gain ground on them in the Central Division (5.5 GB), but also have our players regain confidence after a pretty rough losing streak. If the Cavs can pull out a win against the Bulls, their win streak will grow to three games and the momentum swing will finally be on our side. The question is: Can we win?

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