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Position Review: Special Teams

Continuing in our position review, in this article we will talk about the special team players. Please note that many of the players who play special teams are also linebackers, receivers and members of the secondary. In this article, we will not be talking about them – so make sure to look for those position review articles. Here, we will discuss the three men who only play special teams, P Britton Colquitt, K Greg Joseph and LS Charley Hughlett.

Punter Britton Colquitt has been with the Browns since 2016. He has averaged 46.1 yards per punt in his three seasons in Cleveland and in 2018 had the longest punt of his career at 79 yards. Colquitt is signed through the 2021 season and while the Browns front office did bring in a punter last off-season, he was cut in lieu of Colquitt.

Colquitt boots it deep

Kicker Greg Joseph joined the Browns before the Week 3 game against the New York Jets. On field goals, he went 17/20 for an efficiency rate of 85% and on extra points he was 25/29 for an efficiency rate of 86.2%. His longest field goal of the season was 51 yards and notably did not get an opportunity to kick in the season finale against the Baltimore Ravens with 1:06 left in the game and the Browns only down by two. Joseph has no guaranteed money in his contract and I would expect the Browns to look at the available kickers. If they can get someone better than Joseph, they will and cut Joseph in the process. If the Browns do retain Joseph, it will be imperative for his kicking to improve.

Finally, we come to long snapper Charley Hughlett. It is difficult to quantify how good of a job Hughlett did last season, as there aren’t any long snapper statistics. Hughlett is signed through 2023 after signing a six-year $6.37 million deal. Suffice to say, Hughlett should be back with the Browns in 2019 as he is well compensated and does a good job at his position.

Hughlett takes a knee

While most people discuss the importance of the offense or defense, special teams is a very important position group. In this article we did not discuss Zane Gonzalez, the kicker we had before Greg Joseph, who missed a field goal in Week 1 when the Browns and Steelers tied as well as going 0/2 on extra points and 2/4 on field goals against the Saints in a game the Browns lost by three points. Had the Browns won those games they still would not have made the playoffs but would have had a winning record.

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