Poll: How Did The Cavs Do This Offseason?

Okay, okay, technically it’s still going on… What else can the Cleveland Cavaliers do other than re-sign Tristan Thompson? That situation is a mess and won’t be touched on.

Let’s get right to it, these are the official acquisitions the Cavs have made this offseason:

– Re-signed Kevin Love to a five-year $113 million contract.

– Re-signed Iman Shumpert to a four-year $40 million contract.

– Re-signed LeBron James to a two-year $47 million contract.

– Signed Mo Williams to a two-year $4.2 million contract.

– Traded Rakeem Christmas to the Indiana Pacers for 2019 second round draft pick.

– Re-signed James Jones to a one-year $1.5 million contract.

– Re-signed Matthew Dellavedova to a one-year $1.2 million contract.

– Traded Mike Miller, Brendan Haywood, and two future second round draft picks to the Portland Trailblazers. This deal helped with Cleveland’s cap space and created two trade exceptions for the Cavaliers worth $10.2 million and $2.94 million.

– Signed Richard Jefferson to a one-year $1.5 million contract.

– Signed J.R. Smith to two-year $10 contract

– Signed Sasha Kaun to a two-year deal.

Cleveland was definitely busy this offseason re-signing their core players, bringing a few in, and trading away some non-factor players. Are you happy with this offseason? Or does the situation with Thompson ruin it for you? Grade the Cavaliers offseason below, and sound off on Twitter @CLEsportsTalk!


Jake’s Take: The confusion with Thompson sort of ruins it for me, but I still give the Cavs an “A” because they did what they needed to do and that was get the core players back. Bringing in Jefferson behind LeBron, and Williams behind Kyrie Irving will take the physical burden off of both guys (who faced injury last year). The trade exceptions will be interesting moving toward the trade deadline, as I have a feeling David Griffin has something up his sleeve or just hopes something pans out, especially if Smith and Thompson opt to leave this fall.


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