PGA Misses Out on Golden Opportunity

If anything has surfaced these past several weeks, it has been for the undeniable appreciation for the sports which fans everywhere love and miss. First the NBA shelved its season, then the NHL, and now MLB is eager to get out of the gate. Amidst all of these subtractions, however, was one professional athletic organization that could have carried on.

The Masters attracts an in-person audience upwards of 40,000 people. Concurrently, it holds a television audience of over ten million viewers. These are not numbers to shy away from. While the PGA does not attract the numbers that its team sport counterparts do, it does hold an impressive share of the market. Nevertheless, just like its team sport counterparts, the PGA put everything on hold in March moving forward, including the much heralded Masters which would normally have taken place in April.

Recent news broke that PGA standouts like Tiger Woods and Phil Mickelson will be having a pairs duo that will include the likes of Peyton Manning and Tom Brady. Manning will partner with Tiger and Brady to Mickelson. This event will undoubtedly draw millions of TV viewers, but it likely will not be Masters numbers. This is where the PGA missed the boat.

Unlike hockey, basketball, or baseball, golf’s in-person audience does not provide that same fan-based atmosphere. Fns attending in-person tend to act as if they were in the library along the fairway. The point being is the PGA should have held the Masters as planned. Social distancing could still be retained, save for a caddy handing the golfer a club, and the game would largely be unaffected. It could still have been televised and they would have drawn arguably its largest TV audience ever.

People are clamoring for sports right now. Even non-golfers and non-golf sports fans would have tuned in. Why? Because it’s something, and in a period when there is nothing, something is exceptional. The Professional Golfers’ Association could have easily amplified their asking price for advertising during the event, and while that money would not have been in the realm of Super Bowl commercials, it would have been a cash cow that has since left the putting green.

So, as life gets back to the daily doldrums of no playoff hockey, no Lakers title run and no April baseball, fans everywhere can ponder the opportunity missed out on in the golf world. While other leagues are clamoring for dates on a calendar, the PGA certainly sliced this shot into the trees.

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