Perspective: The Cavs’ Title Three Years Removed

I remember it like it was just yesterday.

“The Decision” and crying in my room now nine summers ago. Truthfully, I thought my life was over. LeBron was gone, Bubbe called and said we can cheer for him on the other team and I nearly threw up hearing that…she meant well.

We know the story of his success in Miami, his triumphant return to Cleveland, the challenge that was the Golden State Warriors ahead.

Being down 3-1 in those 2016 Finals, I tried not to invest too much of my energy in the subsequent Game 5. Of course, I watched it as any fan would, but I was about ready to move on and just sulk with the Indians for the rest of the summer.

I didn’t want to have another meltdown.

Then, Kyrie and LeBron each ripped off 41 a piece and the series shifted back to Cleveland where the Cavs were able to force a Game 7 by taking care of business on the home floor.

This time, everything in my life depended on the upcoming game. I was this huge Cleveland sports fan and everyone knew it. Between “The Block,” “The Shot,” and “The Stop.”

The Cavs had done the impossible.

They were actually NBA Champions and had brought home a title to a city that had yearned for one since 1964, way before my time.

Today is the three-year anniversary of that historic day.

A lot has changed, for me and I’m sure for you, too. The Cavs themselves are back to picking close to the top in the draft, LeBron is gone, Kyrie is gone, K Love is on the trade block

Oh, and the Browns are once again Cleveland’s team.

I learned the sobering reality that winning a championship is only so much about me. I’m not on the team; I didn’t block Andre Iguodala or hit the go-ahead three over Steph. Even with this website, being a fan only goes so far.

Sports are a distraction…

From the real problems we each face, albeit different in nature, in our own personal lives. We use these games to garner strength, enthusiasm or just for entertainment, but life is not this NIRVANA because the Cavs won three years ago.

That was a hard pill for me to swallow, to understand, but it was a big part of growing up from a teenager to a young adult.

I still love the Cavs and all of the Cleveland teams. This website still runs, as it should. Three years later I look back on the title with appreciation, but also, a simple realization that I have to create my own “title” in my own life – as do you, as does everyone.

Continue to be a fan, love the teams and cheer them on. Just know, life will go on regardless of the outcome. That was something I never wanted to realize, never wanted to hear from those that were older and wiser than me. Now, after enduring difficult personal times – I have figured that out.

Be a fan. Cheer the teams on as hard as you can. But be a fan for yourself, too. Make the most of the opportunities you get and try and achieve the most meaningful life for you.

And Remember….The Warriors Blew a 3-1 Lead in the 2016 NBA Finals!

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