November 29, 2020

Perspective: Nine Years Ago…LeBron Returned With The Heat

I hated the man.

LeBron James was potentially the person I despised the most in the entire world. I think back to 2007, Game 5 in Detroit, double overtime…he did it. Likely the most magical Cavs game of my entire childhood.

All of that…gone.

After everything that man had done for me, years full of memories, the fact that he would leave Cleveland to go to Miami was devastating. It tore my insides apart and that he did on national television made it even worse. 

Let’s keep in mind that I was a ripe 13-year-old.

In GOAT fashion, The King came back to Cleveland on December 2 and dropped 38 points and the Heat blasted the Cavs, 118-90.


Two titles later and LeBron was ready to come home in 2014.

But, think about this…

James didn’t have to come back to Cleveland. The amount of disrespect he took after leaving was incredible. Now, I’m not saying it wasn’t warranted. James left without giving this city the title it yearned for.

What I am saying is I’m not sure how he was able to handle that pure hate and essentially forgive everyone in Cleveland for how horrible they were to him. 

The Block, The Shot, The Stop – CHAMPIONS

2016 is a playoff run any Cavs fan will never forget. The first championship in Cleveland since 1964 and it was all possible because LeBron set aside the immense backlash he took and made amends with the people that would end up loving him. This includes owner Dan Gilbert who wrote that scathing letter directed to James after he left.

Thank you, LeBron. 

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