Paul Pierce Day Destroyed By Actual Legend, LeBron, and the New Guys

I hate Paul Pierce. I think he’s a piece of trash and I’m not afraid to say it. The Celtics were foolish to schedule his tribute day on on an afternoon that King James was coming to town. The new-look Cavs dominated by a final score of 121-99. It was a total rejuvenation from the stale and stagnant roster the Cavs sported before the trade deadline.

In a previous article, I stated that I believed the Cavs would improve “a little” from the trades. I believed that losing the baggage this team carried would be better than the actual players the Cavs were acquiring. I was wrong and it’s for this reason., pub-2319592412860037, DIRECT, f08c47fec0942fa0

Everything is easier when a player is on the same team as LeBron James. Sure, the Cavs did not acquire any superstars in the deal, but these role players could become stars when running with 23 (and K Love when he comes back). In the last article, I looked objectively at how they played for their previous teams and not what they can do for the Cavs.

Now, it’s only been one game. But damn, did trouncing the Celtics on Paul Piece Day with our new players all playing well felt really good. George Hill had 12 points as the lone starter. Off the bench, Rodney Hood dropped 15, Jordan Clarkson finished with 17 and Larry Nance Jr. had a couple dunks for five points.

After watching this team actually in action, I believe the ceiling is much higher than I originally anticipated. Now, will this be enough to beat the Warriors in the seven-game series? Well, that will be a stretch. But to all the critics saying that the Cavs will not get back to the finals, you’re going to have to take that back. This Celtics team has no chance against the Cavs IF everything clicks like it did today.

Cavs fans should be excited by the tantalizing new roster that brings youth, speed and sharpness to a team that was dying. Gone are all the players that didn’t want to give it 100%. It appears we got guys willing to go 110% under the tutelage of LeBron James.

The key piece in the Kyrie Irving trade this past summer was the ostentatious Isaiah Thomas, always voicing his own opinion when it’s a team game. He is gone now. Good riddance.

Look out, NBA. The Cavs are back and everyone should not rule this team out as a possible championship contender. And always remember, Paul Piece is garbage.

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