March 4, 2024

Good morning. For those who aren’t quite familiar with Joe Flacco, he played college football at Univ of Pittsburgh and then transferred to Univ of Delaware for more playing time.

Drafted by the Ravens in 2008 and won a Super Bowl and MVP of the Super Bowl in his 6th season! Not bad right? Fast forward to 2023 when Flacco got the call from the Browns as he was trying to stay in shape throwing footballs around with his family and yes it paid off!

Even at this stage in his career, the one thing I always admired about Joe is his willingness to adapt to any situation and fit in perfectly! That’s exactly what he has done with our team. He still has amazing arm strength and great accuracy, especially for someone coming off the streets with very little time to prepare. Our receivers could’ve helped Joe out a little bit with a few dropped passes!

We are amongst the league leaders in dropped passes. That’s something I’m sure they’ll work on. The team now is similar to the 2013 Ravens team he won a chip with. Both are amazing defensive who can get to the QB at any given time! (Coach Schwartz should be defensive coach of the year thus far) .

If Flacco can manage the game if he gets the starting nod again against the Jags and couple that with this packed defense then we should be in pretty good shape. Also, we don’t know the status of Trevor Lawrence as he is dealing with an ankle injury. This upcoming game to me is a MUST win! We can’t lose focus and lose our sense of urgency because the Bengals won last night without their superstar QB. Our division I think is the toughest division in the league and every game matters! Whether it’s DTR or Flacco getting the nod at QB Sunday.

Patience is a virtue. Go Browns

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