Passing The King of Cleveland to Baker

LeBron James won Cleveland a championship, but he did leave for a second time. How we should feel about that at this point with the Cavs at a sexy 6-20 and 13th in the East is up for you to decide. I appreciate what he did for this city, but he is gone now.

Sunday’s are different.

This kid Baker Mayfield has one of the most incredible arms I have ever seen. Throwing the ball 50 yards across his body with perfect accuracy. An attitude that is infectious and clearly a leader for many years to come.

I love the guy.

The Browns won 26-20 over the .500 Carolina Panthers at First Energy Stadium and it was a monumental win. The team is now 5-7-1 and can somehow make the playoffs (by a longshot).

It’s more than that, though.

We have someone to represent this city now that LeBron is gone and it our quarterback, which is honestly better than a basketball player. Obviously, winning a Super Bowl is the dream of every Cleveland fan. Yes, there is still a long way to go and the Browns have so much work to do, but the fact that this team is trending upward feels amazing.

I look forward to watching this team with Gregg Williams at the helm. I want to see as they improve each week and I cannot wait for the rest of this year.

LeBron gave us his gift.

It was time for him to leave, sadly. Maybe he’ll notice what is going on with the Browns and tip his cap towards Cleveland once again. The torch¬†has been symbolically passed to the kid who has proven everyone wrong for his entire life in Mayfield. He is Cleveland, Ohio. He is The Cleveland Browns.

The future is bright. Just keep working hard and this team will have success. We’ve all paid our dues as fans and it’s exciting to think about 2019 and beyond.

Go Browns.

Image: Fox

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