Growing up with LeBron James in a Cavaliers uniform was nothing short of amazing. His incredible basketball talents made every game seem like a new show on broadway. His abilities out on the floor – godly. So when LeBron made the decision to “take his talents” to South Beach, I was devastated. It hit young people the most, I believe, as we didn’t really know what a LeBron-less basketball team was like.

Cleveland was demoralized.

However, this city is a Browns town, and there’s no denying that. Just a few months ago, the Browns selected Johnny Manziel with the 22nd overall pick in the draft. As one of the most celebrated quarterbacks in recent college football history, the dazzling Texas A&M star is poised to bring a Super Bowl here to Cleveland.

Interestingly enough, LeBron James and Johnny Manziel have become good friends over the course of time. LeBron, on a Miami Heat flight, was actually spotted wearing a Johnny Manziel Cleveland Browns jersey the day after he was drafted.

Currently, reports are out that LeBron is leaning towards a return home, but nothing is for certain just quite yet. If LeBron James were to make the bold return, the Manziel/James duo would make Cleveland the face of professional sports for the next ten years. From September to June, these two will be showcasing their talents to the world. Oh, and we have a pretty solid baseball team to fill the void during the hot summer months as well.

The city of Cleveland has suffered through countless years of heartbreak, pain and disappointment, but all of that can be erased by LeBron, Johnny and company moving forward. Those two will lead the Cleveland charge to be atop of the civilized sporting world.

Take a second, stop whatever you are doing, and imagine a time in the future where the Browns and Cavs are both great teams.


-Zach Shafron

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