Outrageous Trade of the Day: Cleveland Indians Edition

I would like to preface this article by saying that this is simply for entertainment purposes and that I do not believe that this trade will not in any way come to fruition.

It is the saddest time of the year once again for baseball fans across the country as the offseason continues to roll on. However, it is also the most entertaining time for fans and pundits alike to propose ridiculous trades and free agent signings. SO here it goes…

With the Atlanta Braves showing interest in Cy Young Finalist Corey Kluber what pieces could the Indians possibly get in return that would merit trading the 3x All-Star? Trading him for the Braves two young superstars would extend the Indians window by another two or three years and would help move an aging Kluber who while he is still good is not going to be cheap forever.

Right now Kluber is arguably the best bargain in the MLB on track to make just over 15 million dollars in 2019 while compared to other pitchers with similar success are getting paid much more. Take Justin Verlander for example who is set to make 22 million dollars next year.

Moreover, while Kluber has had great success in the regular season and may win his third career Cy Young, his postseason numbers specifically in 2017 and 2018 have not been up to par with what his regular season numbers would indicate.

The Atlanta Braves were ahead of schedule in the minds of a lot of pundits this season as far as making the playoffs and winning the National League East ahead of the Nationals and the Phillies (who will be much better this season with the likely addition of Harper or Machado). They do lack in starting pitching though and Kluber would definitely be a welcome addition to a solid young core.

Acuña and Albies are rising stars and the Braves would be hard pressed to give up either of them let alone both of them. Acuña hit .293 after being called up with 26 HR and 64 RBI very respectable numbers for a rookie especially one that is only 20 years of age. Albies who is also young just 21 years of age hit .261 with 24 HR and 72 RBI combined 50 HR and 136 RBI in the first full season for both of them.

The Braves would obviously have to be very enticed by whatever they are receiving in return, but if both teams could come to an agreement on this trade then it could be potentially very beneficial for both sides but definitely more beneficial for the Indians.

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