Hello, fellow Cleveland sports fans.

My name is Andrew J Baillargeon, and it’s a pleasure to join a website dedicated to the most passionate fans in all of sports. I’m a lifelong Cleveland sports fan myself, currently residing (as well as being born and raised in) the wonderful, albeit far off state of Massachusetts. Patriots, Red Sox and Celtics fan-ville, with a weird mix of the Giants, some Yankees and Mets fans as well.

While our teams have had our moments (the Cavs absolutely demolishing Boston a couple of years ago in the playoffs), this difference in fan hood I take up from my immediate environment has often captured ridicule, sometimes mockery, and even a little bit of pity. We’ve watched the Patriots dominate most of the 21st century of football, the Celtics have had long-lasting postseason success (including a ring) and the Red Sox have captured the title multiple times in that era as well. The Indians and Browns have had little postseason success, while our Cavs’ saving grace in 2016 is what our city has to compare to my hometown and state.

That said, I did not choose to write this article because I want your pity, nor do I want to hype up how amazing this state’s pro sports have been this century. I’m also definitely not in the business of trying to recruit fans towards this state. No, I write this article because, for the entirety of my life, I’ve been a Cleveland sports fan in spite of the success and glory my peers in this state have enjoyed. I’ve seen and been through plenty of heartbreak as you all have. From our Browns’ devastatingly bad 0-16 season to the Indians’ stunning 3-1 choke, all the way to our Cavs’ losing treks against the Warriors (amidst the one triumph in 2016) and plenty of trials and tribulations before, I join the CST staff as a fellow diehard fan.

I look forward to writing for CST, talking about our teams, looking forward to better times, and interacting with you guys, our fellow fans, in the process.

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