Our Prayers Are Answered: We Have Spring Football!

Now that the NFL season is over, we’ve hit the dog days of football. What will we do until August? Wait what’s that, it’s a bird, it’s a plane, no…it’s the Alliance of American Football (AAF).

This is everything you need to know about the late winter early spring.

The AAF will begin this Saturday, February 9 and will go until Sunday, April 14. The best four teams will make the playoffs, a championship game will be held in Las Vegas on Saturday, April 27 (VEGAS BABY, VEGAS).

The AAF is made of two conferences, East, and West. Each conference will have four teams, eight total. The eight teams will play a 10 game season. Games will be played on Saturday and Sundays, there will be one game played on Friday, April 12.  

For the complete AAF schedule click the link.


East conference:

Atlanta Legends

Birmingham Iron

Memphis Express

Orlando Apollos

West conference:

Arizona Hotshots

Salt Lake Stallions

San Antonio Commanders

San Diego Fleet ( Good for San Diego for not going to long without a team poor bastards)

The AFL has done a good job of identifying teams cities that are undeserved and will look to capitalize on that.

The AAF has modified the rules of football to tailor to their league. Some of these rule changes, I think, will be fun for the fan.

  • No Television timeouts (Thank the lord, there is nothing worse than leaving a game and going to a 60-second commercial break in the middle of the action)
  • There will be no kickoffs. Instead, teams will start their possession on their 25-yard line.
  • Play clock will be reduced to 35 seconds. (This falls in line with the AAF’s vision of a faster-paced game)
  • No onside kicks! Instead, the ball will be placed on the team’s own 35 and will have to convert a 4th and 10. If they do, they continue their drive. If the team doesn’t convert, the opponent will get the ball on the 35. (This is a “FOR THE FAN RULE CHANGE” the onside kick, which is only effective 20% is GONE!)
  • After every touchdown, there will be no field goal attempts. Each touchdown will be followed by a 2 point conversion.

The rule changes aren’t that extreme, other than making the kicker position obsolete; they are meant to speed the game up and make it more entertaining for the fans. I’m on board with all of these changes, I know there will be guys that are #ForTheBrand that will have some junk to talk, but kickers are weird, so no one will be too upset.

The AAF is so official you can even place your bets on the championship team. Odds are pretty generous, the only thing odds-makers can evaluate is the rosters of the teams and past performance of the players who’ve played professionally.  

Odds are supplied by The Action Network…

Worst to best:

Birmingham Iron +1000

Memphis Express +1000

San Diego Fleet +1000

Atlanta Legends +500

Orlando Apollos +500

San Antonio Commanders +500

Salt Lake Stallions +400

Arizona Hotshots +250

As a betting man, now that the NFL season is over, I will be sinking my winnings from that league. All hail Gladys Knight for her over a minute and 30-sec rendition of the National Anthem and sinking them into the AAF.

I’m sure there are a few NFL purist and elitist that think this is a travesty but screw that. America craves football and we now get an extra three months of action. Hopefully, gone are the days where fans have to wait for the draft in April to get a taste of football magic. With NFL Hall of Fame,r Bill Polian, at the helm of this new league, I think, it is here to stay.


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