Our New Podcasts + Schedules!

Cleveland Sports Talk is adding some serious podcasting to our already awesome articles! We are creating multiple shows for your listening enjoyment and here is the list and schedule for each! Click the title to view the show.

Mistake By The Lake 

With Jake Harris and Zach Shafron! A podcast that comes out every Friday morning that talks about all the different Cleveland sports teams and hot topics surrounding them! You’ll love listening to these two on your morning commute to work! Leave a great review, give them five stars and subscribe so you can listen every week!


Brownie Sunday

A love for Browns, brews and fantasy runs deep for this vintage modern duo. Personalities Rod Bluhm, a seasoned fan since 1979 and Chad Painter, the twenty-something who has only been devoted to the Browns post-’99, join forces to deliver a fresh listening experience to Cleveland fans. Top your weekend off right with the Brownie Sunday and join Rod and Chad on Sundays as they break down Cleveland sports with analysis, (mostly) optimistic opinions and entertaining conversation on this must-listen Podcast!

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