An overall unique trade offer has ensued by the Orlando Magic to the Cleveland Cavaliers.

They have offered their 4th pick, 12th pick, and Aaron Afflalo for the Cavaliers first overall pick in the 2014 NBA Draft.

So my question is…

Should we take this unique trade?


Who could we take with the 4th pick? 

There are a few enticing options.

  • We could go Noah Vonleh, a talented 6’10 PF/C out of Indiana (Averaged 11.3 points, 9.0 rebounds, and 1.4 blocks per game).
  • (On the chance he somehow falls) We could go Dante Exum, a talented high school phenom G out of Australia and have him play SG (Dion would slide then to 6th man).
  • Or the most enticing pick of all, we could go Joel Embiid , the highly talented 7’1 Center out of Kansas. He would likely fall to us after a recent foot surgery, and large concerns about his back, but still reportedly had his back completely checked out by the Cavalier Medical Staff.

In my honest opinion, if he fell to us at 4, my pick would indeed be Joel Embiid, regardless of the media backlash we would receive. He was largely considered the target for the Cavaliers at #1 before the foot surgery was announced. While he should definitely not be taken at 1, if he was to fall to the 4th pick I would definitely take him. After all, if you could get the famed center largely compared to the great Hakeem Olajuwan, why would you not?


Now who could we get with the 12th pick?

There are a variety of options, and having another 1st round lottery pick is generally phenomenal. Especially in this draft, which is largely considered one of the deepest overall in recent history. There is a unique list of prospects that are enticing, but here are a few possibilities that could very well be possible picks for the Cavaliers;

  • Zach Lavine– Arguably entered  the NBA much earlier than he should have, but still his over athleticism is extremely appealing and he has a nice shooting stroke from behind the arc.

The issue with Lavine? There will be a learning curve, and he likely will struggle. But he could just as easily pan out, much like another young uberly athletic star from UCLA  in Russell Westbrook did. Although he’s a                way off from being even close to Westbrook and largely is considered a possible bust. Still a very unique pick.

  • TJ Warren– While could be very well considered a reach, he’s arguably the 3rd best pure scorer in this draft (Behind McDermott and Parker). The only issue with Warren is his overall skills outside of scoring. There’s no doubt that in the right situation he could be a serious 18+ PPG scorer, but is he capable of defending SF and PF’s in the NBA?  He’s another unique possibility for the Cavaliers, and, while a reach at the 12th pick,  could very well end up being a steal in this draft.
  • Adreian Payne– He’s a highly talented PF/C prospect out of Michigan State who, like Warren, would be a reach at the 12th pick, but could be a reasonable substitute for Tristan Thompson if they choose to trade him in some way. Honestly, I like Payne, but the only way I would pick him in this draft is if the Cavaliers were intent on trading Thompson. Which I have mixed feelings on to begin with. Would be a solid pick, but still would be a reach.
  • James Young– A highly talented SF out of Kansas who is a great overall shooter. The only way I would make this pick is if the Cavaliers had zero intention of resigning Cj Miles. This is yet to be seen, but Young’s ability literally looks near exactly what Cj Miles provides to the Cavaliers.
  • Gary Harris– Another talented prospect out of Michigan State who could compliment the Cavaliers very nicely. He is a high quality defender and is, in simplest terms, a “bucket-getter”. My only issue with picking Harris is the conundrum it creates with Waiters and potentially Afflalo. Afflalo would be the likely starter at SG or 6th man if indeed the Cavaliers went this route, and Dion Waiters the opposite of whatever role Afflalo plays (If Afflalo is 6th man, Dion is Starting SG, and vise versa). Then where does Harris go? I would put him on the bench, but we would simply put have too many overall guards (Jack, Delly, and either Afflalo or Waiters), Harris would simply get little playing time. Due to this conundrum, I would not pick Harris.

My pick at 12 would either be Young or Warren. Two players capable of playing SF (A position I’m not banking on being filled by a certain man who took his talents to South Beach), and regardless of a potential veteran or FA filling the starting role at SF, the Cavaliers still need a backup SF who Young or Warren could potentially play.

So if the Cleveland Cavaliers could potentially acquire Joel Embiid, TJ Warren/James Young, and Aaron Afflalo, I ask you all.. Would you make that trade for the #1 pick?

I for one am one who wishes for the Cavaliers to draft Andrew Wiggins but still one must admit this is extremely enticing  offer.

One thing to be considered is that this trade could bring us several more pieces in a potential Kevin Love trade. I do not see us trading for Love, but is still makes the scenario much more unique.



One thing I know for sure is that the Cleveland Cavaliers, with or without the #1 pick, Lebron James, Carmelo Anthony, and whoever else you can think of, have a very bright future. Cleveland should make the playoffs next year regardless of Lebron coming back or not, and its time for us to make noise. The Cavaliers are on the rise, and it’s time to ride the wave with the rest of Cleveland. All three teams have bright futures. Join the fun why don’t you? Believeland! Never STOP Believing! Go Cavs!

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